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2 years ago

Planning For A Destination Wedding And Reception

This short article can help you if you happen to be thinking about a destination wedding - pay a visit to our website if you want to find a singapore photographers to take along on the trip.

Planning your wedding day isn't that simple whatsoever. This can be particularly true when you're hoping to have a hundred guests. in attendance. The thing is that, it is not the ceremony which may cause you troubles, but the planning.

You should realize that should you be the bride, your primary concern isn't just all about the wedding outfit. There remain a lot of things that you have to consider such as your wedding destination.


Among the most important matters that you must consider when planning for the wedding location is the accommodation for guests. This is definitely crucial particularly when you are inviting guests from faraway locations. It will be important to see to it they'll have a place to stay for the length of the wedding and reception. As the host, you may decide to offer them with zero cost accommodation or you could ask them to pay themselves.

The guest accommodation will considerably eat into a sizable chunk of the wedding budget. Thus, it's wise to think about this in advance. If you choose to provide free hotel rooms to your guests, it is important to confirm precise attendance numbers. This should help you determine the number of people who will need accommodation.

The Wedding Venue

After the ceremony has finished it is expected that the wedding reception follows. In the event that you have a hundred guests, then it would be crucial that you have an organized venue booked. First, you must make sure that the venue is large enough to support your guests. A hundred guests will certainly fit nicely into the function hall of a decent hotel. It could be possible to have the reception at the same hotel where you housed the guests. This may ultimately save you money and time. The fact is that, most good hotels can provide you with huge savings by doing this.

There are hotels that might offer reduced rates for particular wedding events. For instance, they could give you 30% discount for the room accommodations if you will avail of their function hall as the reception venue. Other incentives can also be provided like an elegant suite for the newly weds.

Furthermore, holding the wedding celebration in the same place where you've booked your family and friends will also make it very handy for them.

There's no doubt that planning for your destination wedding is a real challenge. But is also exciting when you know the exact things to consider so as to make the celebration a memorable one for your friends and relatives.

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